This is what it's all about!

Your shows are always a crowd pleaser! Our audiences love your performances last year and they loved you even more this year! In addition, I would like you to know how much your professionalism, easy manner, and flexibility were appreciated by the staff...”
— N. Libecap, Victoria Theatre
What a stupendous show! The kids were mesmerized by your antics while the adults got a laugh-a-minute. Even Letterman would have trouble staying ahead of you!
— Jim Haller, Event Coordinator, Phillips Company
Quite simply, Mike is the greatest entertainer of our time!
— J. Hemmelgarn, Mike's Mom (compensated endorsement)
I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your show at your Hopefest . The audience was truly engrossed and entertained throughout the entire program. The audience participationh was great. thank you for bringing a smile to the crowd.
— S. Freisthler - Cancer Association of Mercer County
Its great to have a performer that caters children, yet has a wide enough range to keep the adults entertained also. My children stood in your line for 20 minutes just to get one of your balloon animals. They just loved you as did all of the children who came in contact with you and your talent. I was also impressed with your patience. You stuck around until all of the children had their balloon animals. That is unusual!
— L. Abrams-Spiker - Ohio Arts & Crafts Foundation
Many thanks for a GREAT show! I received lots of compliments from our folks and of course I took credit for all of it! Seriously, I hope I can call on you again, your energy and humor (as well as your skills) were wonderful!
— A. Turnbull - Compunet Clinical Laboratories
I love your show! I have been talking about you since you were here. I have seen many performers in the past 10 years and hands down you have been the best! You have created a show that appeals to everyone with magic, juggling, ventriloquism, and comedy. You definitely have a unique talent for entertaining children. I received many positive comments from both children and adults who were in attendance. You had them laughing hysterically. The quick pace of the show is also a plus, as the children didn’t even have time to worry abut the heat. I do wish I had called you sooner, I feel like I have missed out. I definitely want you back next year! Thank you.
— Jenny Sullivan - Greenville Public Library
Many have said that it was the best entertainment ever in the history of our Annual Meeting. With the age of our audience members ranging from four-year-olds all the way to senior citizens, we were concerned prior to the event that the entertainment would appeal to only a segment of the audience. Your performance quickly laid our fears to rest!
— M. Berry - Midwest Electric, Inc.
Your performance at our holiday party was fantastic! I cant remember when I’ve laughed as hard as I did that night, as was evidenced by the tears and makeup sliding off my face!
— G. Allison, Brower Insurance
Thank you so much for the wonderful performance you gave at Toyota’s “Bring your Child to Work Day” event. Your show was a true crowd pleaser. The kids loved your antics and we adults had a laugh a minute.
— R. Rossie - Toyota Motor manufacturing
Everyone there, myself included, loved the show and laughed almost non-stop for your entire show. I know I laughed till my sides hurt. Two of my board members were there with me and they were impressed enough to help me get approval to invite you to perform at our 50th annual meeting.
— D. OConnell - Ashland Community Federal Credit Union