About Mike

Passionate Since the Age of 8

Mike has been fascinated with the art of ventriloquism since the age of eight and jugging since the age of sixteen.  His love of entertaining developed into a full-blown career that allows him to travel across the Tri-State area performing for audiences of all ages.


How Did He Get Here?

He went door-to-door selling newspaper subscriptions to earn enough money to purchase his first "dummy", a hardwood puppet named "Marvin".  Marvin is now happily in retirement and Mike primarily uses sculpted foam and latex puppets.  He learned the art of ventriloquism like so many have, from a "Jimmy Nelson Instant Ventriloquism" record album.

He first learned to juggle from a talented co-worker.  He started with tennis balls, and has evolved to bowling balls, knives, machetes, torches and other ridiculous things!  Finally, magic and balloon sculpting were incorporated to compliment one of the most unique acts in the business.

Since graduating from Wright-State University in Dayton, OH, Mike has performed at thousands of Corporate Events, banquets, Schools, Libraries, Fairs & Festivals, and Theaters.  He has been the opening act for Dennis DeYoung and Styx, has been a recurring "family friendly" performer at Funny bone comedy clubs, and has appeared as a special guest (6 times) on FOX news doing entertainment segments.  Mike, his lovely (and very fortunate) wife, and their children happily reside in Springboro, OH.