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See Mike In Action

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Staging Requirements & Introduction

A nice sized, low rise, well lit stage is ideal.  However, reality dictates that sometimes you have to work with what you've got.  BUT NEVER FEAR!  Mike's set-up is flexible, can accomodate relatively tight spaces, and with no stage at all.  If a stage is not available, simply provide a performance area of at least 8' * 14', directly in front of an ample space designated for your audience.  Please don't be offended if Mike does a little "re-situating" when he arrives, he wants his show to be a huge success as much as you do!  If your venue has a quality PA system available, that's terrific.  But just in case, Mike ALWAYS brings his own sound, tables, props, backdrop etc., so you don't have to worry about anything (and neither does he).  The following  are recommended Intros that may be used in part or in whole...



for corporate, club & banquets...

Ladies & Gentlemen, this guy has peformed at banquets and corporate events all over the known universe.  He combines comedy juggling and ventriloquism with a touch of magic for one of the most unique acts in the business, lets put our hands together for MIKE HEMMELGARN!!!


for schools & libraries

Our guest for today is from a town called Springboro, OH.  He's a comedy juggler and ventrilquist, and even adds a touch of magic.  Let's  clap really loud for MIKE HEMMELGARN!!!